First Loop

Online workshops for teams – Learn Innovation Tools, Connect your Team Better and Explore Business Problems in parallel!

Is your team working remotely? Do they feel disconnected? When was the last time your team learnt about collaborative innovation tools and techniques?

At First loop, our workshops are designed to be FUN and COLLABORATIVE. We run 60-120 minute sessions that are high tempo and engages the team while practising innovation tools in small chunks that are usable.

You are the expert in your domain, we have the tools in our arsenal to facilitate innovation. Embark on this journey with us, and let us together unleash the hidden potential in your organisation. We are all about practising innovation techniques, increasing your team’s remote collaboration while keeping the theme as one of your current problems.

First Loop is an Innovation Consultancy born out of the challenges of Covid-19. Our vision is to Democratise Innovation from the board-room into every employee’s hands for facing uncertain times.